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Romantic Europe  /  Italy



Self-guided bike tour / Guided bike tour

22 days / 21 nights in 3*, 4*, 5* hotels or pensions

19 days cycling - 943 km / 585 miles cycling

Routes :
marked cycle path
80% cycle routes with low motor traffic
90% blacktop cycle path

Self-guided bike tours start
daily from May 27 to August 26, 2024

(different departure dates on a request)

Guided bike tour
daily from May 27 to August 26, 2024

(on a special request only)

Trip Begins / Ends :
Prague airport / Venice airport or Venice airport / Prague airport

Prague-Venice bike tour 1

Bike tour Description:

This unique cycle tour has been prepared by CZ EuroTour particularly for American, Canadian, Australian and other overseas clients; nevertheless it is also suitable for tourists from Europe and Asia. Its romantic routes are designed to enable visiting and discovering the most beautiful landmarks of UNESCO heritage and the most beautiful places along the entire route. The tour leads through 4 countries of Middle, West and South Europe - the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Italy. We will visit 5 most renowned UNESCO landmarks, various urban listed preserves and southern part of the Czech Republic, which with its landscape and beautiful castles and chateauxs is the cleanest area in Czechia. Simply put - you will enjoy greenways and much more ..... .
Basic program of this tour includes 22 days & 19 days cycling with one Optional Car / VAN transfer. Tour can be supplemented with extra nights to give everybody enough time for landmarks, relax, and entertainment.
Also the tour can be shortened at your request, or transfers in a Car / VAN can replace some parts of the tour. Self-guided bike tours is available, guided bike tour on a special request only.

Bike touring Daily program:

Day 1   Prague arrival day
Prague This day begins with a welcome at the airport, then transfer to hotel and accommodation. This day we will devote to discovering the magic places of Prague. We recommend visiting of the UNESCO historical centre of the city and following that we will prepare a welcome dinner in a restaurant.

Day 2   Prague - Karlštejn - Dobříš : cycling 66 km / 41 miles  (terrain elevation)+(terrain elevation)
Our first cycle tour leads from our Prague hotel to the famous castle Karlstejn. After an optional visit of Karlstejn, another part of our first cycle tour to a city of Dobris is awaiting us. The city, which in the 10th century led "Golden Path" from Prague to Bavaria. Once we have put us up, we can set out on a visit of the beautiful chateaux with a large French garden.

Day 3   Dobříš - Zvíkovské Podhradí : cycling 67 km / 42 miles  (terrain elevation)
Dobříš chateaux From Dobris, we will go to Orlik dam in the morning - one of the dams of a Vltava-river cascade system, which also protects Prague against floods. The dam is 33km / 22 miles long and we will go alongside it to reach 500m long Zdakovsky bridge, which with its one span is one of the biggest bridges in the world. We can also visit a romantic water castle Orlik here. In the afternoon, we will leave for Zvikovske Podhradi & a Zvikov castle at a junction of the river Vltava and the river Otava. We will be accommodated there. Optional visit of Zvikov castle is recommended.

Day 4   Zvíkovské Podhradí - Písek : cycling 29 km / 18 miles  (terrain elevation)
Today we will ride from Zvikov through the romantic landscape and forests into a smaller town Pisek. Pisek City was founded on the banks of the river Otava Czech kings in the 13th century. From this period also comes his biggest sight - the oldest stone bridge in the Czech Republic, which is older than the Charles Bridge in Prague. Thanks to the gold-gold mining Otava Pisek is soon became an important commercial center. This romantic city, still called the city students, after 1989 blossomed into beauty. Zdakov bridge Houses, parks and monuments are all newly revised and creates an unforgettable atmosphere for tourists, well-being and relaxation.

Day 5   Písek - Hluboká - České Budějovice : cycling 55 km / 34 miles  (terrain elevation) + (terrain elevation)
From Pisek, we will set out on a route to Hluboka chateaux, also called the Pearl of Southern Bohemia. After optional visit of the chateaux we will finish today’s route in Ceske Budejovice, a city of the famous brewery Budvar / Budweiser and a unique historical monument from 1825 - the first and biggest horse railroads in Europe, which once connected Austrian city of Linz and Ceske Budejovice. After a dinner with Budvar beer, we definitely recommend you to enjoy a romantic evening walk round the city center.

Day 6   České Budějovice - Český Krumlov : cycling 31 km / 19 miles  (terrain elevation)
We will say good-bye to Ceske Budejovice and will go through a beautiful landscape us to Cesky Krumlov - a last UNESCO place Český Krumlov look in the Bohemia. We will spend here unforgettable moments walking through historical lanes; we can visit the chateaux and its tower, a museum of medieval torture tools and many other interesting things.

Day 7   Český Krumlov - Horní Planá : cycling 35 km / 22 miles  (terrain elevation)
Another route will take us from Cesky Krumlov through the beautiful landscape of the National Park Sumava to a city of Horni Plana. We will spend here some relaxing moments in the largest town on the shore of the Lipno dam - urban listed preserve. UNESCO marked the protected landscape area of Sumava and the Bavarian Forest as a Biosphere Reserve. We can also visit some historical sights such as church of St. Margaret from 1374, Baroque parish, neo-baroque town hall from 1896, or birthplace of Adalbert Stifter - a local writer.

Day 8   Horní Planá - Passau  (Germany) : cycling 69 km / 43 miles  (terrain elevation)
Lipno lake We are leaving Horni Plana and are looking forward to the city of Passau - German city on the border with Austria called the city of three rivers. Its well-kept historical centre will fascinate us with its picturesqueness and baroque architecture. We will certainly be tempted by a visit of a Rathaus, St.-Stephans-Dom, church St. Paul, museum and many others. Or a visit the monastery Niedernburg with a tomb of Blessed Gisela?

Day 9   Passau - Ried im Innkreis  (Austria) : cycling 58 km / 36 miles  (terrain elevation)
We will say good-bye to Passau and will go on the Austrian side along the river Inn through a beautiful landscape to a Baroque city Scharding and Ried im Innkreis through a landscape for centuries belonged to Bavaria. We will pass by city St. Martin im Innkreis where we can visit a Jewish stone church, a Baroque parish church and a Baroque castle of the genus Arco Zinneberg Attersee with a large park. After the accommodation and relaxation we can visit interesting sights or nice restaurants in town at a foothills of the Alps.

Day 10   Ried im Innkreis - Attersee am Attersee : cycling 53 km / 33 miles  (terrain elevation)
Today we will continue through a beautiful landscape of foothills of the Alps to Attersee am Attersee - town in the fairy countryside at a beautiful lake Attersee. This small town, which are the first mention already in a neolit is our last stop before the end of our tour to Salzburg. After accommodation can visit some sights and romantic pubs or enjoy a pleasant stroll on the promenade by the lake Attersee.

Day 11   Attersee am Attersee - Salzburg : cycling 62 km / 38 miles  (terrain elevation)
Salzburg This day’s route will lead us alongside the lake Attersee first; we will have a short break in a picturesque city of Unterach a. Attersee and then will hit the road alongside second beautiful lake Mondsee which dominated by the so-called "Dragon wall". We have to overcome one more bigger hill to the 28th mile and then just going downhill to Salzburg. We will arrive in Salzburg late afternoon and therefore we have time to visit only if it extends to our program for one day. We will accommodate with a subsequent walk through nocturnal Salzburg.

Day 12   Salzburg - Lofer : cycling 42 km / 26 miles  (terrain elevation)
Today the first tour that will take us for a few days in the Alps is ahead of us. The European mountain range Alps is up to 260 km wide and 1,200 km long and leads through seven states. The next few tours will be more difficult due to a greater elevation difference but on the other hand a little shorter than usual. In return, however, we will be rewarded by fantastic and unforgettable scenery of the Alps which are nowadays a very popular touristic destination. The first stop will be at Lofer – a well-known Alpine Zell am See resort with about 2,000 inhabitants. A typical symbol of Lofer is an impressive peak Loferer Steinberg (2,513 m), which rises directly above the village. We look forward to the first night spent in the Alps.

Day 13   Lofer - Zell am See : cycling 39 km / 24 miles  (terrain elevation)
Today’s first night spent in the Alps certainly gave us plenty of force to explore other attractive Alpine sites. For the first of them we will set out already today – it is one of the most visited sites in the Austrian Alps - Zell am See. Zell am See Spa is the capital of a district of the same name of the Austrian Province of Salzburg. We should not miss a romantic walk along the banks of Zeller See, one of the cleanest European lakes, where we can even swim. Zell am See offers a nearly metropolitan atmosphere and namely a rich evening program. For sure we will not be bored here and we may gain energy in some wellness center for the tomorrow’s extremely difficult tour with the elevation difference of around 1,430 m.

Zell am See cycling Day 14   Zell am See - Heiligenblut : cycling 46 km / 29 miles;  ( OPTIONAL CAR / VAN transfer 20 km / 13 miles ); (terrain elevation)
We are sorry to say good-bye to the splendid Zell am See and after a delicious breakfast we head to Heiligenblut. Today’s tour is literally an alpine tour, so to those who do not dare to climb on their bike up to the altitude of 2,545 m above sea level on the "Grossglockner High Alpine Road“, we can offer a VAN transfer from Fusch-Ferleiten to the Hochtor tunnel / the elevation difference of about 1,430 m. We shall not forget to take photos of fascinating views. And then an equally steep descent to Heiligenblut will be ahead of us. This village is surrounded by the stunning scenery of Alpine peaks and passes and has an attractive local church. Heiligenblut is also a starting point for climbing the often visited Grossglockner and also the end of the "Grossglockner High Alpine Road“. Accommodation here.

Lienz arrival Day 15   Heiligenblut - Lienz : cycling 41 km / 25 miles  (terrain elevation)
Excited about the splendid scenery of the Austrian part of the Alps we will set off on the next route from Heiligenblut to a very beautiful capital of Tyrol - Lienz. This town with a rich history, beautiful surroundings, clean air and the biggest number of hours of sunshine in Austria is surrounded by the Dolomites. It was also the reason why Lienz became the home of many great artists, poets, painters and musicians. We will have here plenty of time for exploring the city, for shopping and taking advantage of a rich gastronomic offer. Overnight here.

Day 16   Lienz - San Candido  (Italy) : cycling 44 km / 27 miles  (terrain elevation)
Slowly we say goodbye to the Austrian part of the Alps and our today’s route will take us to the destination country of our cycling journey – to Italy. Today we will go mostly uphill and after 36 kilometers we will reach the border of the romantic and sunny Italy Lienz and after that we will arrive to a charming town on the Italian side located in the heart of the natural park of the Dolomiti di Sesto - San Candido. We will be fascinated by the amazing and diverse nature of towering mountains, green pastures, colorful meadows and dense forests. And certainly we will not forget to visit the pedestrian zone of the historic center and its rustic restaurants with Italian specialties. Accommodation here.

Day 17   San Candido - Cortina D´Ampezzo : cycling 38 km / 24 miles  (terrain elevation)
Though a long time elapsed since those events – but nevertheless - do years 1956 and 1963 remind you of anything? If not, we will just remind you that the Winter Olympic Games were held here in 1956 and the World Figure Skating Championships took place here in 1963. Yes, we are on the right way to another attractive Alpine mountain resort, one of the most beautiful ones in the world, included in the UNESCO list - Dolomites - Cortina D´Ampezzo. This recreation center is an emblematic place thanks to its San Candido style, fashion and the Italian way of life that will be a unique experience for us. After today’s short route you may enjoy natural beauties, culture, traditions, art, food and wine to your heart’s content. Overnight here.

Day 18   Cortina D´Ampezzo - Pieve Di Cadore : cycling 32 km / 20 miles  (terrain elevation)
Couldn’t you get enough of Cortina? Today we have enough time to spend some hours Cortina, because our next route is short and easy. It will take us to Pieve Di Cadore, surrounded by mountain peaks and with a lake not far from the center. It is also the birthplace of the famous painter Titian. The town center is the witness of remote past and history and the attractive archeological museum and the museum of eyeglasses are certainly worth a visit. Accommodation here.

Day 19   Pieve Di Cadore - Vittorio Veneto : cycling 68 km / 42 miles  (terrain elevation)
Cortina D´Ampezzo We slowly say goodbye to the magical Alps. Although our today’s route will be slightly longer, we will descend from almost 900 m above sea level down to 125 m above sea level – to Vittorio Veneto, the city of art, music and wine. Vittorio Veneto was officially founded in 1866 by merging two independent centers - Ceneda and Serravalle. It is very rich in monuments and works of art. Overnight here.

Day 20   Vittorio Veneto - Treviso: cycling 44 km / 27 miles  (terrain elevation)
We leave behind us the Alps and slowly approach the destination of our journey – Venice. But we will spend one more night in Treviso, the town located in the fertile lowlands of Venice that thanks to its canals resembling Venice a lot. It has been populated since prehistoric times and in 49 BC the Roman municipium „Tarvisium„ was established here. The historical town has preserved remains of walls, two gates and many historical monuments. A curiosity – world-famous dessert „Tiramisu“ has been created here and the town also houses the famous Italian clothing company „Benetton“. Overnight here.

Venice Day 21   Treviso - Venice: cycling 24 km / 15 miles  (terrain elevation)
Eager to continue we wake up early and set out for a very short and easy journey to Venice, the capital of Veneto – the goal of our bike tour. In the past Venice used to be the center of glass making and a trading power, later it was a major metropolis of fine arts and architecture. Today it is saturated with culture and art and it is one of the most visited monuments of UNESCO in the world. Apart of main streets there is about one hundred of canals and over 400 stone bridges with some 15,000 houses standing on oak poles driven into the sea bed. And at the end of our „Romantic Europe“ bike tour it only remains to wish you that you enjoy the most romantic experience that culminates by the visit to Venice.

Day 22   Venice departure day
We have packed and are waiting for our VAN, which will take us from the hotel to the airport. We are looking forward to go home, yet inwardly we promise to come back at some stage in the future.

Self-guided bicycle tour - service at price

Quantity of persons :  2 - 20

* one transfer Prague airport - hotel & Venice hotel - airport
* visit the most beautiful tourist and Unesco sites in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Italy
* accommodation in selected 3*, 4*, 5* hotels or pensions
* all rooms with privat bad or shower and toilet
* 21 breakfasts
* reliable transportation of baggage
* quality bikes rental & bikes delivery (to Prague hotel & from Venice hotel)
* original package of cycling maps & town maps
* mile by mile Itinerary & graphs / terrain elevation & optional sightseeings recommendation
* GPS Garmin eTrex 20,30 with programmed routes
* Emergency service

Price per person - 3* hotels - shared double room
2 - 3  /  4 - 5  /  6 - 9 persons on the trip
EUR 3 299  /  EUR 3 129  /  EUR 2 969
EUR 620  /  single supplement

Price per person - 4* hotels - shared double room
2 - 3  /  4 - 5  /  6 - 9 persons on the trip
EUR 3 739  /  EUR 3 559  /  EUR 3 369
EUR 690  /  single supplement

Price per person - 5* hotels - shared double room
2 - 3  /  4 - 5  /  6 - 9 persons on the trip
EUR 4 019  /  EUR 3 809  /  EUR 3 609
EUR 880  /  single supplement

* for more then 10 persons in the group

* Reverse tour (Venice - Prague) / EUR 240 per the trip

On request
* the tour shortening or extension

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